Ask for TOP CARE stain remover directly from your furniture retailer

The Top Care stain treatment has been specially developed to offer complete and long-lasting protection to your upholstered and leather furniture. Thanks to the application by specialized personnel, the active ingredient of the treatment spreads on the surface of the fabrics, enveloping them with an invisible protective barrier.

This protective barrier is designed to repel stains and liquids, preventing them from penetrating fabric fibers. This means that accidental stains, such as those from coffee, wine or food, will be less likely to leave permanent marks on your furniture.

A significant advantage of the Top Care treatment is that it does not compromise the natural properties of the tissues and skin. The flexibility, breathability and structure of the materials will remain intact, allowing the furniture to maintain its original quality and comfort.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the Top Care anti-stain treatment complies with the European Union’s REACH standard. This standard covers the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals and ensures that products are safe for the environment and human health.

The raw materials used in the Top Care treatment are subjected to periodic analyzes by the European Chemicals Agency to verify their safety and compliance with regulations. This constant commitment to protecting the environment and people’s health offers you the peace of mind of using a reliable and responsible product.

In conclusion, Top Care stain treatment is an ideal option for protecting your upholstered and leather furniture. It offers total protection against stains, while preserving the properties and quality of the fabrics. Furthermore, it complies with European Union environmental standards, ensuring safety and health for both you and your surroundings.

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