The brand with the drop has been synonymous with innovation and the highest quality Made in Germany for over 20 years. Ask only for the original.

Who we are

Since 1996, we have specialized in the production and distribution of stain-resistant and detergent products for fabrics, carpets and leather. Thanks to our stain-resistant treatment for upholstered and leather furniture, we have become the leader in Europe for over 20 years. Our constant commitment is to improve and innovate our stain-removing and detergent products, guaranteeing our customers the highest quality.

The protection of the environment and people is at the center of all our activities. For this reason, all the raw materials we use are registered, analyzed and approved by the European Chemicals Agency, and comply with the REACH regulation, in force since 1 June 2007. This allows us to ensure that our products are safe and respectful of the environment, offering total peace of mind to our customers.

Our team

Enrico Pedrazzoli

Company owner
Mobile: +39 333 124 3668

Cristina Gizzi

Mobile +39 348 243 02 98

Roberto Pasotto