The Complete Protection for your upholstered furniture with the TOP CARE treatment

Top Care is an innovative stain protection treatment that offers complete protection for upholstery and leather. It prevents stains, reduces fading, and provides protection against UV rays. It is water and oil repellent, breathable, and 100% hypoallergenic. It is effective against pet-related stains, doesn’t pose any health risks, and creates a protective barrier. It is invisible, odorless, and free from nanoparticles. It is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan. It is safe for children and pets, preventing liquids from penetrating the fabric.

TOPCARE Expo Furniture

Complete and long-lasting protection for upholstered and leather furniture

Thanks to the Top Care stain-resistant treatment, your upholstered and leather furniture will be protected in a complete and long-lasting way, repelling stains and liquids.

Safety, compliance and responsibility for the surrounding environment

The Top Care treatment complies with European Union environmental standards, offering safety and protection for your health and the environment.

TOPCARE Commercial Premises

Reliable protection for furniture and carpets in high-use environments

Top Care stain remover guarantees effective cleaning and long-lasting protection for furniture and carpets in offices, clinics and public facilities.

Preservation of the natural properties of fabrics and leather

With the Top Care stain-resistant treatment, furniture and carpets maintain their flexibility, breathability and integrity, offering total protection without compromising their original properties.

TOPCARE Contracts

Reliable and long-lasting protection for flawless furnishings

TOP CARE guarantees an invisible barrier against stains and liquids.

Comfort and sustainability: the perfect choice for hotels and lodges

TOP CARE offers safe, breathable and environmentally friendly protection.

TOPCARE Nautical

Complete stain protection for all surfaces on board

TOP CARE stain remover is ideal for protecting sofas, armchairs, walls, fabrics and leather on boats of all types.

Versatile, safe and long-lasting: the perfect solution for every boat

TOP CARE stain remover offers complete and long-lasting protection for the interior and exterior of boats, including teak, cushions, awnings and instruments.

The brand with the drop has been synonymous with innovation and the highest quality Made in Germany for over 20 years. Only ask for the original.

Water-repellent stain protection set

The water-repellent stain protection set is a product that provides a complete solution for keeping shoes clean and protected. The package includes two cans of water-repellent treatment and a foam...



Only with Top Care

The stains will be just a memory