TOP CARE stain protection for commercial premises.

In offices, medical clinics, and public facilities, where furniture and carpets are subjected to heavy daily use, you can rely on Top Care stain protection. This treatment ensures effective cleanliness for you, your employees, customers, and guests. Your carpets, fabric, and leather furniture will be protected for a long time from any type of dirt.

Top Care stain protection is applied with a special procedure on furniture or carpets. After the treatment, the active ingredient envelops the fibers, providing total protection, even against the most stubborn stains.

It is important to emphasize that this treatment does not compromise the natural properties of fabrics and leather, such as flexibility and breathability. Furniture and carpets treated with Top Care stain protection are completely breathable but prevent liquids from penetrating. This means that even the most difficult stains can be easily removed without seeping into the fabric.

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